Brais Palmás

Spain, 1989

All the essentials are inside the backpack. Ten years of learning and unlearning to reduce my belongings to 15kg, 23kg whit foot and 25kg when the canteens are full.

Everything else, each single thing that I might need from now on, should be crafted or purchased with a budget that is far below the poverty level.

Experiences does not weigh on the back but in the conscience. Some allows me to be self-reliant in terms of fresh water, food, shelter and energy; some others will prevent me from becoming an ordinary person.

I will never be able to drive a car heading to the office, to buy on the shopping centre or to sit in front of the TV in a house that I will be paying off the mortgage for the next 40 years.

Written like that it does not sound like a sacrifice. Just a few lines that summarize the millions of lives responsible for the global environmental and social collapse.

Climate crisis, natural resources depletion and the 6th mass extinction; migratory flows and the extreme nationalism boom. Indoctrinated citizens giving unconditional support to ensure the perpetuation of their own lifestyle disregarding the rest of cultures and species.

On foot, by bike or by packraft, my unique emancipation happens through crossing, in an self-supported way, the remaining wild places on Earth. A quest to search alternative lifestyles from a degrowth perspective.


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