World wide environmental activism

Rising up for life

During the last decade our paths have lead us from the African rainforests to the Asian ranges witnessing the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth.

Today, after acknowledging that some of those places are severely threatened or simply do not exist anymore, a new compromise is required.

We present you a radical rethinking of an outdoor adventure in which exploration meets nature protection.

We are not defending Nature. We are Nature defending itself.

Towards the
ecodefense frontlines

by trails and streams

The time for acting softly is long gone. We need to create a brisk way of environmental activism, effective, stronger and with no compromises.

With the beginning of a new decade, a new strategy emerge: the Rewilders project, a self-powered journey across continents towards the ecodefense frontlines.

A quest to meet, join and support people all around the globe committed to nature conservation.

Agnes Soboń

1988, Poland

Adventurer, designer, permaculturist

Brais Palmás

1989, Spain

Explorer, photographer, ecologist

Follow us, join the wild side.