26 de August, 2023

Dammed and doomed // Montenegro

In the late afternoon we finally spot it – on the crest of a slope. Its hair is raised; its large, dark eyes fix[...]

17 de April, 2022

Sea monsters // France

Winter in the North Atlantic. The black flag flutters over a ship’s deck where a frenetic activity is taking place today[...]

22 de June, 2021

Ambushed // Portugal

The sound of an approaching engine brings us out of sleep. Sleepily I feel around the mat in search of the headlamp and when[...]

30 de April, 2021

Photo-synthesis // Portugal

A bunch of panniers hangs on both sides of the bicycles. Most of the space is taken up by camping props and clothing, while[...]

1 de January, 2021

Back on track II // Spain

Not in vain had the arrival of autumn been announced. It happened after a particularly cold night, when the highest mountain peaks appeared covered[...]

29 de October, 2020

Back on track // Spain

Beginning of August in the Cantabrian Mountains, weeks of extremely hot weather. We start walking at sunrise, climbing up and down the hills while[...]

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