Dammed and doomed // Montenegro

In the late afternoon we finally spot it – on the crest of a slope. Its hair is raised; its large, dark eyes fix a point in the distance, alert. The herd is grazing further down on the first fresh grass of the steppes. Every few seconds, one of them lifts a head, sniffing the wind.

Downstream // Germany – Poland

Yesterday, as every night before going to sleep, I soaked a few handfuls of oat flakes, seeds and nuts. The water I used is from the river I've been paddling since last week, the same water I drink myself and all those boisterous little birds that just woke me up.

Crossfire // Germany

I smell it before I see it. At times it's the ferruginous scent of fresh blood spilt on the asphalt and at others, it's the dense stench of rotting flesh.

Sea monsters // France

Winter in the North Atlantic. The black flag flutters over a ship’s deck where a frenetic activity is taking place today

Mountain rescue // Poland

Thirteen weeks have passed since the last break, since the last resupply. Then came Europe.The challenge of crossing the continent has left its imprint on our tires, a little more worn; and on our legs, a bit more bulky. Any other trace got dissolved with greater or lesser difficulty under the hot water.The invisible marks are the ones that have the greatest impact though.

Ambushed // Portugal

The sound of an approaching engine brings us out of sleep. Sleepily I feel around the mat in search of the headlamp and when I turn it on its reddish light illuminates the interior of the mountain refuge. It is already dark outside, which means that Carlos is unusually late and that we have fallen asleep waiting.

Photo-synthesis // Portugal

A bunch of panniers hangs on both sides of the bicycles. Most of the space is taken up by camping props and clothing, while the rest is made up of essential equipment and food supplies for several weeks.

Back on track II // Spain

Not in vain had the arrival of autumn been announced. It happened after a particularly cold night, when the highest mountain peaks appeared covered in snow.

Back on track // Spain

Beginning of August in the Cantabrian Mountains, weeks of extremely hot weather. We start walking at sunrise, climbing up and down the hills while the heat gradually intensifies to unbearable levels, having left us completely exhausted.
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